For men and women who are as young as their mid 30s, up to and beyond what used to be the normal retirement age, being considered middle aged is full of challenges:

Are you on track with your career goals? Have you been downsized or are you underemployed?

Are you happy with your job and how much income you are making, and happy with how much you will be making over the rest of your career?

Whether you work in Silicon Valley – on Wall Street - or on just about any Main Street, it is a safe bet that you are seeing head winds coming your way from job disruption, limited growth opportunities, and a business culture that disrespects and disregards people who are getting older.

If you lose your job, it is much more difficult to find work in your 40s and 50s – ageism is rife in the national job market - according to PBS, if you go out and get another job, your wage will probably be 20% or 25% less.


of U.S. adults say it is likely that [during their middle age] they will be responsible for caring for an aging parent or another elderly family member.

PEW Research Center
The last 30 years have been increasingly hard on incomes for working Americans, and it does NOT get better as they get older.

  • The amount of savings for retirement are shrinking at an alarming rate.
  • The cost of health care keeps going up, and the portion that employers pay is going down.
  • The cost for college education has skyrocketed.

At no other stage of a person’s life does so many personal and family financial, health and wellness, and career challenges come into play.
Sandwich Generation adults feel squeezed every day. They are in a life stage where they must balance raising children while caring for aging parents. More than 66 million Americans - ranging from 40 to 65 - find themselves in this overwhelming and stressful situation. In fact, 15% of middle aged adults are providing financial support to both an aging parent and a child. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of help.


The MAP is a non-profit foundation that has built a team of subject matter experts in Career Coaching and education, Financial Planning, and Health & Wellness consultants who can navigate members and their families to the most appropriate and affordable health and wellness care.

The MAP is looking for membership among those millions of men and women who are undergoing the pressure faced by stagnant income, job dissatisfaction, financial insecurity, and the challenges to their health and wellness and of their immediate families and senior parents.

The MAP is building relationships with Corporations around the country that UNDERSTAND the value of experience and work ethic that comes with middle age. This growing group of employers are managed by business leaders that want to hire from this membership pool of experience and dependability, especially when combined with the focus and support that our team of coaches and affordable training and education provides.

As a non-profit, our Members can apply to receive scholarships to help cover membership, job training, and certification expenses. The cost of MAP membership should never be a factor in becoming a member of the MAP.


Every MAP Member gets a personal Coach/Advocate/Navigator – who is part of a team of experts and consultants, and who can get each Member access to the specific expert advice and support that they need to set and meet the personal goals for career; organize and improve their financial status, and build wealth for retirement; and get the best access to affordable health and wellness care services.

Benjamin Franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Prevention means planning and preparing. Having an affordable personal coach who can bring a team of expert resources to the table to help draw the MAP for you to get to your chosen objectives, is your best solution. Your team of coaches will help you address your priorities, and resolve these challenges in your life that can peak in middle age.