Compass Points of the MAP


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The MAP is a resource center for improving your career options. Using affordable assessments, training, certifications, and ongoing support, MAP members are by definition better employment candidates because they have set and prepared themselves for achieving career goals that coincide with employer’s needs.

Your personal MAP career portal is powered by PeplWorks, and your portal will present you with career options and solutions including resume optimization tools, job posting notifications in real-time, and access to affordable education, training and certifications to raise your employment value to business decision-makers.

Have you ever heard of the “Gig Economy?” If not, go look it up or ask your MAP personal coach. The MAP can put you in a high profile position to take advantage of opportunities for additional income through the Gig Economy.



Solutions | Services

The MAP is a resource center for financial literacy and the tools and planning to help our Members build personal wealth and savings for day to day needs, for contingencies and emergencies, and for retirement.

  • Debt consolidation counseling, and support for restoring and improving your credit rating.
  • Access to affordable short, medium, and long term lending sources.


Solutions | Services

The MAP is a resource center for access to affordable health care services. Again, as Ben Franklin said prevention is much more valuable than a cure, so your personal MAP coach will work with the MAP’s health and wellness experts to evaluate your family’s health care needs, and navigate you to make better informed choices about the health care your family consumes.

As everyone knows the cost of health insurance is continuing to rise, and so are deductibles and the out-of-pocket costs you will need to pay for your care.

Twenty-four access to a health hotline staffed by nurses and EMTs is a feature of your MAP membership. You will be also able to get a doctor on a mobile 2-way video conference at any time of day or night through your smartphone – who will have access to your personal health records, which are securely stored on your MAP health and wellness portal. They will also have information on your insurance coverage and what is and is not covered, and how to navigate to the most appropriate and affordable care for your condition.

Life and Health insurance agents do not represent you – by law and contract they represent the insurance companies they work for. Your MAP health and wellness navigators represent your interests exclusively.


Assessments | Lifelong Learning | Set & Achieve Personal Goals

Some of the myths about personal coaching are that it costs too much, and that coaching is just a crutch for people who can’t get it done all by themselves. Many successful business executives have used coaches to help them set and achieve goals for themselves and the companies they run. What do they know that you don’t?

The MAP Career and Personal Assessments help you to determine and set your career goals and discover what you really want and need to maximize your career potential AND job satisfaction.

The pace of job disruption and stagnant income growth are just a couple of reasons why it is important to be willing to engage in Lifelong Learning – a resource that is also good for your cognitive health. Don’t forget that the practice of Lifelong Learning will continue to raise your VALUE to employers, for as long as you want to work.

These resources are your best strategy to reach your goals, and they are included in your MAP membership – at a fraction of what they would cost to purchase on your own.