January 4, 2018

Why Single Moms Make Great Map Members

Female-headed single parent families represent the fastest growing family type, up 36% since 1980. There are seven million single mother-led families in the United States, where the moms are in middle age. Many of these single Moms had to leave the job market while starting and managing their family, and have experienced difficulty in getting back into it. The unemployment rate for single moms is twice the national unemployment average, and many single moms have one foot in the job market with […]
December 5, 2017

How young do you have to be to avoid age discrimination?

If you are 35 and you want a job with a Silicon Valley tech firm, forget about it. You are washed up, a has-been; and you are not alone.  According to an August 2017s article in USA Today: “It’s not just Silicon Valley. It is everywhere…   from the experiences of technology workers roaming the country in search of job opportunities elsewhere, ageism is a universal problem in the industry… The median age of an American worker is 42. Yet at […]