Map4Work™ is a companion Program to Map4Life™. It is designed for participants whose habits of addiction have caused disruption or loss of their work.

Map4Life™ recognizes that addiction is an equal opportunity challenge that afflicts people from all walks of life. Whether you are a Banker or a Bus Driver, you are likely to find that if you have become a victim to addiction, then it has created disruption or problems with your career.

We are committed to the principle that work that evolves into a purposeful and rewarding career is an essential component of successful long term recovery. Depending on each participant’s circumstances, the map to this career may be a very short one, or may require a longer journey.

Map4Work™ will provide community resources and career coaching to help each participant find work that is appropriate to their stage of recovery, and is specifically suited to meet the needs, skills and goals of each participant, and would evolve over time.

Map4Work™ also recognizes the need for ongoing career training and education, and has strategic partnerships with educational institutions for online resources to provide this service to our participants.