Needs the MAP


Anne is a 43 year old, single mother of 2. She recently had to sell their family home and is currently employed as a waitress.
She moved in with her ailing mother to save money. She has been taking care of her mother and has not been able to find a job that meets her income needs.
Anne graduated from college and earned her bachelors degree, but has a 9 year hole in her resume while she was married and raising her young children.
Anne oldest child needs major dental treatment.
She is overwhelmed with financial stress as well as caring for her ailing mother, while trying to find a better job.


48 year old male & father of 2, Jack was formerly the Director of Public Relations for UC Irvine making $100k per year and full benefits. The college decided to outsource their PR work, leaving Jack without a job. Currently he is working as a part time consultant without benefits for about 1/2 of what he used to make.
His wife stays at home with their youngest child, because childcare is unaffordable.
His oldest daughter graduates from high school this year, and hopes to go to college.
Both Jack’s and his wife’s parents are living, but all have a range of health issues.
Jack has not been to get a medical check-up in a little over three years. He suffers from fatigue and bouts of depression.
Jack is underemployed, feeling both financial and emotional stress while struggling to make the mortgage payment every month.
He has used up his savings, and has had to borrow from his 401(k).


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